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Daniella goes 'viral' with her podcast interview

Daniella's work features in the Microbiology Society's podcast MICROTALK.

Anyone who’s been enjoying the sun on a nice summers evening knows the dreaded whine made by mosquitoes on the hunt for a meal. In recent years mosquitoes have been appearing in the news more and more due outbreaks of diseases such as dengue and Zika. As if getting bitten by a mosquito wasn’t bad enough, if it is carrying the arbovirus, the saliva causing the annoying itchy bumps is actually helping the arbovirus infect you.

On this month’s episode, Matt talks to Daniella Lefteri, finalist of the 2019 Young Microbiologist of the Year. Daniella is researching the enhancing effect of this saliva and how it might be able to help in the growing arbovirus problem.

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